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Accessing Veracode reports

From the Results page, you can view the Veracode and PCI Compliance reports to gain insights into your application security program activity and a better understanding of the business risk of vulnerabilities in your application. In addition, you can download reports, bookmark reports, share results, and schedule a consultation.

Select Veracode Report or PCI Compliance Report to open these reports. The Veracode Report summarizes the security flaws identified during this scan, how the application fared against the associated policy controls, and outlines the Veracode recommendations. The Veracode Report contains the same information as the Detailed Report that you can download from the Results page.

The PCI Compliance Report provides guidance on how to fix the discovered flaws to achieve Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance and how the application fared against the PCI policy.

The Customizable Report is the only Veracode report that includes Veracode Software Composition Analysis data.

From the Results page you can use the buttons to:

Download Reports

Select this button to drop down the menu of reports you can download. You can download any of these report types:

Bookmark this Report

You can bookmark this results page, enabling you to come back to it later.

Share this Report

If you have a vendor-enterprise relationship with other organizations, you can share scan results using this button.

Request Consultation

If you want to receive assistance in interpreting your scan results, select this button to request a consultation call with Veracode.