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Navigate the Application overview in the Veracode Platform

The Application section of the left navigation menu links you to the Application Overview page, the application profile page, and the metadata page.

The Application Overview provides a summary of the application details, and consists of three sections:


Shows the status and results for the latest static, dynamic, and manual scans. Where applicable, buttons are visible for common actions on scans, such as view report, triage flaws, delete scan, or delete scan request.

Policy evaluations

Shows the policy against which Veracode assesses the application and indicates if the assessment implements rules, required scans, and a remediation grace period. The security score the application receives after scans determines the Veracode Level it achieves. The policy evaluation also lists the names and results of the latest completed static, dynamic, and manual scans. Click the scan names to go to the scan details page for the selected scan.

Activity log

Lists all the actions performed on the application.