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Mapping Results XML API tasks

The Results API automates scan submissions and report retrieval.

The REST API equivalents of many of these calls are available with the Applications API, the Findings API, and the Summary Report API.

Veracode strongly recommends that you use the REST APIs. For new integrations, always use the REST APIs.

This table describes:

  • How the Results API works
  • When to use each API call
  • The XML or PDF file an API returns
  • How to map the API calls to the manual Veracode Platform processes
StepUsing the Veracode PlatformUsing the Results APIReturns XML file
1Go to the Application Overview for the chosen,, getbuildlist.doappbuilds.xml, applist.xml, buildlist.xml
2View the Triage Flaws View, getcallstacks.dodetailedreport.xml, callstacks*.xml
3View the Detailed Report online.detailedreportpdf.dodetailedreport*.pdf
4View the Summary Report, thirdpartyreportpdf.dosummaryreport*.pdf, thirdpartyreport*.pdf