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Use sandboxes for static scans in IntelliJ

You can create a sandbox into which you upload your application files from your IDE. You can then scan your application from the sandbox.

To complete this task:

  1. In your IDE, select Veracode > Upload and Scan.

  2. If prompted, enter your API credentials. Select Store username and password so that you only have to enter your credentials one time.

  3. From the Application dropdown menu, select an application.

  4. In the Scan Type field, select Sandbox Scan.

  5. Select Create Sandbox and enter a name for the sandbox.


    If you do not see the Create Sandbox button, contact Veracode Technical Support to enable this feature for your account.

  6. In the Workspace Files table, select the browse icon to select the files to upload from your current projects. Select Add to select any files not associated with a current project.

  7. Select Upload and, then, select Yes to confirm that you want to proceed with the upload.

  8. Select Yes to go directly to the Veracode prescan process after the upload completes. If you do not want the full scan to continue automatically, select No.

  9. Select Begin Prescan at the top of the Upload Files table.

  10. After the prescan completes, select View Prescan Results to review the results.