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XML API scan status

This table describes the scan statuses for the XML APIs.

When a scan is in any of the states in this table, you cannot upload new files to the application or add a new build. You can only upload files to the application and add a new build when:

  • The scan is in the state of Results Ready.
  • The scan results are published.
IncompleteYou did not provide some required scan information. You must complete one or more steps in the scan request process before you can submit the request:
  • Upload files
  • Select modules
  • Obtain vendor acceptance of a third-party scan request
To resolve this issue:
  1. In the Veracode Platform, go to the Application Overview to review and edit your Static Analysis request.
  2. Run your scan again.
Prescan Failed The prescan encountered an error. Try one of these actions:
  • In the Veracode Platform, select Retry Verification on the Select Modules page.
  • Adjust the submission to include only components that Veracode supports for analysis. Ensure that the components comply with the Veracode compilation and packaging guidance.
  • If the issue persists, contact Veracode Technical Support.
Prescan SubmittedVeracode is currently validating the scan submission and preparing it for analysis. You do not need to take any action until you receive an email notifying you when the prescan results are available. To check the progress of the prescan using the Veracode Platform, go to the In Progress section of the left navigation menu and select the scan name.
Prescan SuccessThe prescan completed successfully. In the Veracode Platform, you can review the prescan results on the Review Modules page or Select Modules page. After making the appropriate entry point selections, you can manually submit the scan for analysis. The analysis starts immediately if you choose to automatically launch the full analysis when a prescan completes successfully.
No Modules DefinedVeracode did not detect any valid components for analysis in the submission. Verify that Veracode supports the submitted components for scanning. Ensure that the components comply with the Veracode compilation and packaging guidance.
Results ReadyThe scan completed successfully and the results are now available. To review the results, either:
  • In the Veracode Platform, access the View Report section of the application profile.
  • Use the Results APIs.
You may also start a new build.
Scan in ProcessThe scan is currently running. You can monitor its progress in the Application Overview or wait for an email notification after the scan completes.
Vendor ConfirmationThe scan request is waiting for confirmation from the vendor before scanning can begin.
Vendor ReviewingThe vendor is performing the requested scan and is reviewing results.