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Veracode TeamCity Plugin

You can use the Veracode TeamCity Plugin to integrate Veracode security scanning into your build process.

You can use the plugin to perform these tasks:

  • Synchronously scan and provide results.
  • Stop the build if the Veracode scan results violate the security policy.
  • Run a scan in a sandbox.
  • Create an application profile if one does not already exist.


  • Before you can install and use the Veracode TeamCity Plugin, you must meet the software requirements listed on the Veracode-Authored Integrations page.
  • Before uploading an application, you must package it to include the required debug symbols, as described in the Veracode Packaging Requirements. For a .NET application, use Veracode Static for Visual Studio to prepare a build. To automate building a .NET application, you can precompile it with the Microsoft Build Engine (MSBuild).
  • You have generated Veracode API credentials.
  • You have one of these account types:
    • A user account with these roles:

      • Creator or Security Lead role to be able to create application profiles, and upload and scan applications.
      • Submitter role to create a new scan for an existing application and upload and scan these applications.
      • Reviewer role to check scan completion.
    • An API service account with these API roles:

      • Upload API to create application profiles, create sandboxes, and upload and scan applications.
      • Upload API - Submit Only to submit scans.
      • Results API to check scan completion.