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Checking the status of Veracode services

You can view the availability status of Veracode services to understand if there are any outages that may impact your ability to access the Veracode Platform and other Veracode sites.

To check the status of a Veracode site, go to or, for the European Region, If Veracode experiences a disruption or degradation in service, Veracode posts an announcement on the status page.

The Veracode status page shows a banner describing the overall status of Veracode services, followed by a list of Veracode services that shows the 90-day performance history of each service. Days in which there was a service degradation appear yellow or red. You can hover over specific days for details of the incidents.

If there is an incident or scheduled maintenance, Veracode posts a notice, with details about the incident, on the status page. For incidents and scheduled maintenance, Veracode provides a status indicator and a message that explains the disruption and highlights the affected services.

Incident statuses

Incidents can have these statuses:


There are symptoms of a service disruption, but we have not identified a root cause.


We have identified the root cause of the incident and are working on the resolution.


We have implemented a fix for the incident and are monitoring to confirm the symptoms of the disruption are gone.


We have eliminated the root cause of the disruption and services have returned to 100% performance.

Maintenance event statuses

Maintenance events can have these statuses:


A planned maintenance is scheduled for a specific date.

In progress

The scheduled maintenance is ongoing.


The scheduled maintenance is complete but we are verifying that services are functioning as expected.


The scheduled maintenance is complete.

Subscribe to status notifications

You can subscribe to the Veracode status page to receive notifications about active incidents and planned maintenance. You can subscribe either to email updates or to the Atom or RSS feed.

To subscribe, click Subscribe to Updates in the upper-right corner of the page and, then, either enter your email address or click the feed tab and get the Atom or RSS feed.