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About eLearning learner levels

As you complete assigned courses, you achieve the Veracode learner levels.

Learner levels are tiered categories of Veracode eLearning courses that align with the Veracode Verified program. The Veracode Verified program helps your company prove their secure software development practices. After completing each level, you can download a certificate of your completed courses.

You can select from three available learner levels:

  • Level 1: Developer Security Fundamentals
  • Level 2: Verified Team Security Champion
  • Level 3: Verified Continuous Security Champion

You can take Veracode eLearning courses in any order, regardless of the learner level. However, you must complete all required courses to complete the level and download the certificate. You can only achieve a certificate for a level if you have already completed the previous level. For example, before you can achieve a level 2 certificate, you must have already completed all courses in level 1.

Veracode adds new courses and revises existing courses as needed. If you complete a learner level and Veracode then adds a new course to that level, eLearning no longer shows that learner level as complete. You must complete that new course to achieve that learner level certificate.