About the Veracode GRC Integration


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Veracode supports Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) with an Archer integration.

The Veracode integrations for GRC platforms enable you to include security vulnerabilities found by Veracode in the reporting of enterprise-wide risk assessments, providing a single-pane view for all risk factors. Code vulnerabilities are integrated into the GRC objectives, making enterprise software security part of the overall risk management strategy.

Veracode provides a GRC integration for Archer dashboards using XML reporting.

Note: Veracode APIs and integrations require access to analysiscenter.veracode.com> and api.veracode.com. Contact your IT team to ensure these domains are on the allowlist for your organization and that there is one-way communication on port 443 to api.veracode.com. Refer to the complete list of domains and IP addresses to add to your allowlist.