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Upload XML APIs Quick Reference

This table lists the XML API calls for managing scans of your applications. For more detailed information, see the topic for a specific call.

Veracode strongly recommends that you use the REST APIs. For new integrations, always use the REST APIs.

XML API CallDescriptionRequired ParametersOptional ParametersScan TypeEquivalent REST API Call
beginprescan.doInitiates the prescan of an application.app_idsandbox_id, auto_scan, scan_all_nonfatal_top_level_modulesStatic 
beginscan.doInitiates the full scan of an application.app_id and one of these parameters: modules, scan_all_top_level_modules, scan_previously_selected_modules, scan_selected_modulessandbox_idStatic 
createapp.doCreates a new application in the portfolio.app_name, business_criticalitydescription, vendor_id, policy, business_unit, business_owner, business_owner_email, teams, origin, industry, app_type, deployment_method, web_application, archer_app_name, tags, next_day_scheduling_enabledStatic, DynamicPOST /appsec/v1/applications
createbuild.doCreates a build of an existing application.app_id, versionplatform, lifecycle_stage, launch_date, sandbox_id, legacy_scan_engineStatic, Dynamic 
deleteapp.doDeletes an existing application from the portfolio.app_id Static, DynamicDELETE /appsec/v1/applications/{applicationGuid}
deletebuild.doDeletes the most recent build of an application.app_idsandbox_idStatic, Dynamic 
getappinfo.doReturns all the application profile information.app_id Static, DynamicGET /appsec/v1/applications/{applicationGuid}
getapplist.doCompiles a list of applications in the portfolio. include_user_infoStatic, DynamicGET /appsec/v1/applications
getbuildinfo.doReturns all the information about the build.app_idbuild_id, sandbox_idStatic, Dynamic 
getbuildlist.doCompiles a list of all the builds of an application.app_idsandbox_idStatic, Dynamic 
getfilelist.doCompiles a list of the uploaded files in an application.app_idbuild_id, sandbox_idStatic 
getpolicylist.doCompiles a list of the policies available for use by your account.  Static, DynamicGET /appsec/v1/policies
getprescanresults.doFetches the results of the prescan.app_idbuild_id, sandbox_idStatic 
getvendorlist.doCompiles a list of third-party vendors provisioned for scans.  Static, Dynamic 
removefile.doRemoves specified files of an application.app_id, file_idsandbox_idStatic 
updateapp.doAmends an existing application in the portfolio.app_idapp_name, description, policy, business_criticality, business_unit, business_owner, business_owner_email, teams, origin, industry, app_type, deployment_method, archer_app_name, tags, custom_field_name, custom_field_value, next_day_scheduling_enabledStatic, DynamicPUT /appsec/v1/applications/{applicationGuid}
updatebuild.doUpdates the most recent build of an application.app_idbuild_id, version, lifecycle_stage, launch_date, sandbox_idStatic, Dynamic 
uploadfile.doUploads the files of an application.app_id, filesandbox_id, save_asStatic 
uploadlargefile.doUploads the files of an application as a set of parts to avoid timeout errors during the upload.app_id, filefilename, sandbox_idStatic