About the Upload API Calls

Veracode APIs

The Upload API uses the following calls to automate tasks. Use these calls in your HTTP requests.

API Call Description
beginprescan.do Initiates the prescan of an application.
beginscan.do Initiates the full scan of an application.
createapp.do Creates a new application in the portfolio.
createbuild.do Creates a build of an existing application.
deleteapp.do Deletes an existing application from the portfolio.
deletebuild.do Deletes the most recent build of an application.
getappinfo.do Returns all the application profile information.
getapplist.do Compiles a list of applications in the portfolio.
getbuildinfo.do Returns all the information about the build.
getbuildlist.do Compiles a list of all the builds of an application.
getfilelist.do Compiles a list of the uploaded files in an application.
getpolicylist.do Compiles a list of the policies available for use by your account.
getprescanresults.do Fetches the results of the prescan.
getvendorlist.do Compiles a list of third-party vendors provisioned for scans.
removefile.do Removes specified files of an application.
updateapp.do Amends an existing application in the portfolio.
updatebuild.do Updates the most recent build of an application.
uploadfile.do Uploads the files of an application.
uploadlargefile.do Uploads the files of an application as a set of parts to avoid timeout errors during the upload.