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About vendor rescanning and publishing

After Veracode Enterprise Application Security Testing completes a scan of your application, you can choose to rescan the application or publish the scan results to your enterprise customer.

Rescanning your application

After your scan completes, and you have fixed all the flaws that the initial scan discovered, you can rescan your application if your enterprise customer has given you permission to do so. Rescanning enables you to check that you have remediated your vulnerabilities before you publish the results. Select Rescan and complete the scan request steps as you did for the initial scan.

Publishing your results

When you are satisfied with the results of your final scan, you can then publish a summary of the results to your enterprise customer. If you have the Security Lead role, select Publish to Enterprise to publish your results.

In the Publish Results to the Enterprise window, to also share any Software Composition Analysis results, select the Include the SCA results checkbox.