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Managing teams

You can use a team to grant users access to applications. You can assign an application to a team when you create the application profile or when viewing details of the application. Administrators can assign users to teams to access applications. If you are a Team administrator, you can only manage users who belong to your team.

As a team administrator, you can only edit team members who are not team administrators.


Team membership affects only users with the Submitter and Reviewer roles. Security Leads and Executives can see applications across all teams. Administrators have limited access to all applications, for instance to assign the application to teams.

From the Administration page, you can create new teams, manage existing teams, or remove teams.

Managing teams as a Team Administrator

If you have the Team Admin role, you cannot create teams, but you can manage the users in your team.

Team administrators can access the Users and Teams tabs on the Administration page. Team administrators can view only those users on the teams that they manage.

Team administrators can assign these roles to members of their teams:

  • Creator
  • Delete Scans
  • Mitigation Approver
  • Reviewer
  • Sandbox Administrator
  • Sandbox User
  • Security Insights
  • Submitter
  • Workspace Editor

Team administrators can create and manage API service accounts with these roles:

  • Greenlight API User
  • Mitigation API
  • Results API
  • Upload and Scan API
  • Upload API - Submit Only

Team access to APIs

When you set the visibility of an application to Teams & Security Leads, a user account with the Reviewer, Creator, or Submitter user role must be a member of the specified team to be able to access that application using the APIs.