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Administering your Veracode account

Users with the Administrator role can manage users, teams, business units, and eLearning features through the Veracode Platform. To be granted the Administrator role, contact Veracode Technical Support.

Users with the Administrator role can manage their Veracode account by clicking the Admin link in the global header.

Manage users

Create, edit, and remove users. Assign user roles and permissions. Reset user passwords. View user audit information.

Manage teams

Create or remove teams to allow controlling access to groups of applications. Assign users to teams.

Manage business units

Add business units and assign teams to them.

Manage Veracode Platform notifications

Understand why you have received an email or message notification and what its content means.

Manage API service accounts

Create a user login to allow access to the Veracode Platform from a script or other application.

Restrict a user to an IP range

Define a range of IP addresses in which a user can sign in.

Use SSO with SAML

Configure your organization to access Veracode with SSO using your SAML 2.0 compliant identity provider.

Use SAML for self-registration

Allow users to self-register for the Veracode service using SAML.

Use SSO with Microsoft Azure

Configure your organization's Veracode access to use single sign-on for Microsoft Azure. Microsoft maintains this documentation.