Watching a Veracode SCA Project

Veracode Software Composition Analysis

Inside the Project Details page, there is an option to watch a project.

What does watching a project do?

If you have set a default branch from Default Branch Setting, Veracode Software Composition Analysis updates your issues automatically when the Veracode security research team releases a new vulnerability that affects you. If you are watching a project, Veracode sends you an email notification when a change affects that project. For example:

Enable Notifications

You can receive notifications for a watched project if you are a member of a team assigned to the workspace that contains the project.

To receive emails about changes in your watched projects:
  1. In the Veracode Platform, select Scans & Analysis > Software Composition Analysis.
  2. Click the Agent-Based Scan tab.
  3. Click Agent-Based Scan Settings.
  4. Select Email me about issues created or changed due to new vulnerability releases in any of my projects that I am watching.
My Notifications window