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Viewing changes between file uploads

For the most consistent results, Veracode recommends that you scan the same files between scans. If you have scanned an application previously, you can view the differences between the files you uploaded in the most recent scan and the files you uploaded in the prior scan.

From the Advanced Mode > Modules tab, you can view information about the differences in uploads. In the File Upload Information table, you can view module changes from the current and previous upload.

The color indicators on the left of the modules specify the type of change that occurred in the module since the last time you uploaded your application.

  • Yellow: there was a modification in the module.
  • Blue: indicates that there is a new module.
  • Gray: indicates that no change occurred in the module.

You can also view module upload changes between two subsequent sandbox scans. However, if you promote the sandbox to a policy scan, you cannot view the changes between the sandbox and policy scan.