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View static results for an application

To access static results, from the Application Overview page of the application, select Triage Flaws under the application name. Then, select Static under the application name, if it is not already selected.

To begin reviewing a portion of your results while the remainder of your application is scanned, select the View Partial Results link from the Application Overview page. See Viewing accelerated results for static scans for more information.

The table at the bottom of the Triage Flaws page shows the flaw ID, severity, exploitability, CWE, location, source, number of data paths, status, and mitigation status. You can select the triangle next to a flaw ID to view details about the flaw, including remediation guidance, flaw descriptions, links to software security resources, and links to recommended Veracode eLearning courses and tutorials.

The CWE ID & Name column maps the discovered flaw to the Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) standard. If this flaw is stopping the application from passing policy compliance, the red shield icon indicates that a fix is required to meet the policy requirements.

Select a specific finding to load your local copy of the source code into the Source Code view at the top of the page.