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View mitigated flaws in reports

After you have approved one or more mitigated flaws, the reports for the application update to show information about the mitigations as follows:

  • Veracode recalculates the policy status, Veracode Level, and Veracode legacy rating, removing the approved mitigated flaws from consideration.
  • Lists of flaws in the application by category show the effective number of flaws after the approved mitigated flaws are removed from the application.
  • Approved mitigated flaws are removed from the detailed listing of flaws in reports.
  • In the on-screen report, the Mitigated Flaws and Proposed Mitigations tabs show the mitigated flaws, grouped by severity, which is color-coded.
  • The red and green badges on the left indicate if you must fix a flaw to meet policy or if the proposed mitigation is accepted.
  • In the PDF report, a Mitigated Flaws appendix lists all the approved and proposed flaws.