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Veracode SCA agent global options


Description: Displays a command summary.

Example: $ srcclr --help


Description: If you activate multiple agents on one machine, Veracode prompts you to provide a profile name. This is an identifier you assign to this agent. Using the profile command you can choose which profile to use. Must be placed before the scan command.

Example: $ srcclr --profile=Engineering scan


Description: Read in an additional configuration file that overrides the default one, described in CONFIG-FILENAME.

Example:$ srcclr --config=$HOME/.srcclr/agent-test.yml scan ~/Projects/test-java-maven


Description: Suppress the file permission check for every configuration file provided, which includes the default one.

Example: $ srcclr --insecure scan --url


Description: Print the current version and exit.

Example: $ srcclr --version


For scope options, see Multi-language scan directives.