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Veracode CLI

You use the Veracode CLI to perform various actions for testing the security of your applications. To get started, see Getting started with the CLI.


The Veracode CLI uses a structure of commands, arguments, and flags.

  • A command is an action, such as scan. A command can have subcommands.
  • An argument is the target object, such as repo, for the command.
  • A flag, such as -h or --help, modifies a command.

Syntax key

The following table describes the notation that indicates command-line syntax. Do not type the < >, [ ], { }, or | symbols.

Text without brackets or bracesItems you must type as shown.
<Text inside angle brackets>Placeholder for which you must supply a value.
[Text inside square brackets]Optional items.
{Text inside braces}Set of required items. You must choose one.
Vertical bar (|)Separator for mutually exclusive items. You must choose one.
Ellipsis ()Items that can be repeated and used multiple times.