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Using My Workspace for Veracode SCA

All Veracode Software Composition Analysis users have access to a personal workspace for local scanning, called My Workspace. You can use this workspace to quickly experiment with agent-based scanning and test changes to your code without affecting the pipeline builds or compliance status of your projects.

Your user account does not require specific roles or team membership to create projects or start scans in My Workspace. The workspace automatically appears in your workspace list.

With My Workspace, you can create agents, add custom rules, and manage and review scan data for projects just as you do with other workspaces. To simplify the My Workspace experience, Veracode implements several restrictions. You cannot:

Veracode recommends you do not use My Workspace for release pipelines for production code.

If you need access to more than three projects, reach out to the administrator of your Veracode account to request access to other workspaces.