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Using compliance reset dates in eLearning

You can create an eLearning curriculum with a compliance reset date to require learners to take the same curriculum repeatedly.

This feature is for organizations that need to routinely recertify their employees with the same curriculum for compliance reasons. For example, a software company that needs to recertify its employees exactly twice a year for information security would set their compliance reset period to every six months starting on January 1. When the compliance period ends, a new start date and due date reset automatically.

You can continue to add and remove courses and learners to a curriculum with a compliance reset date.

Generating reports on curricula with compliance reset dates

You can download eLearning history reports for courses that may help you save evidence that your learners completed courses for compliance. However, eLearning history reports only show the most recent time a learner completed a course. For example, if you have a curriculum with a compliance reset date, you cannot see all the dates on which a learner completed a course in a history report. If you need to save evidence that your learners have completed the same courses with compliance reset dates more than once, Veracode recommends that you generate and download history reports before the end of each compliance period.