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Use the source code view

The Source Code view allows you to load source code from your local system,or a network-accessible directory, into Triage Flaws so that you can view information about the flaw in the context of your original source.

The Veracode Platform does not have access to the source code for the application, and the source code is not uploaded to the Veracode Platform when you view it in the Source Code view.

Before you begin:

You must use an HTML5-supported browser.

To complete this task:

  1. From the Triage Flaws page, select Source Code Viewer radio button at the top-right of the page, if it is not already selected.

  2. Select a flaw.

  3. If you have not previously loaded source code for this application, locate the source code on your hard disk when prompted. For reference, Veracode shows the fully qualified path of the source code that you used to build the application.

    The Veracode Platform loads the source code and scrolls the file to the line of code containing the flaw. If you selected the wrong source file, you can select Load Different File to change it.

  4. Hovering over the annotation on the left-hand column allows viewing a detailed description of the flaw and a remediation recommendation.

You can also scroll through the code to view other flaws in the same source file, or use the Go to Line field to jump to a particular line.