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Uninstall Greenlight for Eclipse

You can uninstall Greenlight for Eclipse to remove it from your Eclipse IDE and, optionally, delete all Eclipse files if you need the storage capacity.

To complete this task:

  1. In the IDE, select Help > About Eclipse > Installation Details.

  2. On the Installed Software tab, select Veracode Greenlight and click Uninstall.

  3. When prompted to confirm your action, click Finish.

    Greenlight for Eclipse is disabled, but not completely removed from your computer.

  4. Exit Eclipse.

  5. Manually remove all the files associated with Veracode Greenlight for Eclipse from the eclipse/features directory.

  6. Manually remove Veracode Greenlight for Eclipse from the eclipse/plugins directory. Refer to the Eclipse documentation for more information on deleting files.

  7. Run the Eclipse command -clearPersistedState to remove any metadata that Eclipse might have cached.