Understanding Veracode SCA Roles

Veracode Software Composition Analysis

This table lists the roles you must have in the Veracode Platform to complete specific actions in Veracode Software Composition Analysis.

Action Mitigation Approver Security Lead Executive Creator Reviewer Submitter Workspace Administrator Workspace Editor
View the SCA Portfolio Page   X X X X X X X
Create and Delete Applications   X   X        
Edit Applications   X   X        
Add Teams to Applications   X   X        
View All Applications   X X          
View Specific Applications   X X X X      
Request SCA (Static) Scans   X   X        
Propose Mitigations   X     X      
Approve Mitigations X              
View the Workspace Portfolio Page   X X X X   X X
Create Workspaces   X   X        
Delete Workspaces   X   X     X  
Edit Workspaces   X   X     X  
Add Teams to Workspaces   X   X     X  
View All Workspaces   X X          
View Specific Workspaces   X X   X   X X
Manage Projects   X         X X
Link Projects to Applications   X         X X
Manage Agent-Based Scan Rules   X         X X
Manage Integrations   X            
Manage Agents   X       X X X
Ignore and Unignore Issues X