Test Veracode for Bugzilla

Ticketing Systems

You can test Veracode for Bugzilla to ensure it is working correctly.

You must have valid Veracode API credentials.
To test Veracode for Bugzilla:
  1. Update these lines in the script importresults.pl with the your API ID and API key for the API service account:
    my $user='username';
    my $passwd='password'
  2. You can update other variables in the script. See the README file in the ZIP file for more information.
  3. Run this command to start the integration:
    perl importresults.pl
    The importresults.pl script connects to the Veracode Results API, downloads all available results, parses them to the Bugzilla format, and then imports them using the Bugzilla importxml.pl library.