Supported Perl Cleansing Functions

Veracode Packaging Requirements

Veracode Packaging Requirements
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Veracode recognizes these cleansing functions for CWE-80 in Perl CGI applications:

Function Flaw Class
escapeHTML() from the CGI module for HTML markup escaping CWE-80
escape() from the CGI module for URL escaping CWE-80
encode_entities($scalar) from the HTML::Entities module for HTML markup escaping CWE-80

If Autoescape mode is enabled, which is the default since version 1.57, then these CGI functions automatically escape the output HTML:

Function Flaw Class
textfield() CWE-80
textarea() CWE-80
password_field() CWE-80
filefield() CWE-80
popup_menu() CWE-80
optgroup() CWE-80
scrolling_list() CWE-80
checkbox_group() CWE-80
checkbox() CWE-80
radio_group() CWE-80
submit() CWE-80
defaults() CWE-80
hidden() CWE-80