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Structure of controls in agent-based scanning rules

There is one rule for each Veracode Software Composition Analysis (SCA) agent-based scanning workspace. Every project in a workspace inherits the workspace rules.

Each rule consists of one or more controls. A control checks if the project meets specific parameters.

Each control has this structure:

  • Properties
    • Control Name
    • Severity
    • Level
  • Condition
    • Resource
    • Matcher
    • Descriptor
      • Parameters for vulnerability descriptors
        • Severity
          • Check for a vulnerability of high, medium, or low risk. The level of risk that a vulnerability has is determined by its CVSS score. Veracode SCA supports the use of vulnerability severities based off of either CVSS v2 or CVSS v3 scores.
        • Vulnerable Method
        • Override Control Severity with CVSS Score
      • Parameters for license descriptor
        • Kind
          • Check for specific licenses by name or select a risk rating.
        • Including
          • If you select License by name, select the licenses to include in the rule.
        • Excluding
          • If you select a risk rating, select the licenses to exclude from the rule.
  • Action
    • Create Issue