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Store API Credentials in a keychain for IntelliJ or Android Studio

You can store your API credentials securely in an API credentials file or in your IDE.

Veracode recommends that you use an API credentials file. The plugin uses these credentials to access Veracode.

To complete this task:

  1. In your IDE, select Veracode > Options > Tools > Veracode > Credentials.

  2. Select an option for storing your API credentials:

    • Store credentials in external file: use the credentials in your API credentials file. By default, if your credentials are not currently stored in Eclipse, this option is selected. Select Test Credentials to verify that your credentials are valid.
    • Store credentials in Eclipse: select Add Credentials to enter and store your credentials in Eclipse. By default, if your credentials are currently stored in Eclipse, this option is selected.
  3. Select OK.

  4. If you selected to store your credentials, the Veracode Keychain window opens. Create a passphrase that Veracode can use as a security key to encrypt your Veracode credentials before saving them. Veracode uses the passphrase to create a digest that it stores securely. This digest expires every 12 hours, after which the plugin prompts you to enter the passphrase for creating a new digest.

  5. Enter your passphrase and, then, confirm your passphrase.

  6. Select Submit.