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Static Analysis

Audience: Administrator, AppSec manager, Developer, Security leader

For a quick demo of this learning path, see the quickstart.


Learning objectives

Upon completion of this module, you'll be able to:

  • Scan your application in the Veracode Platform.
  • Review, prioritize, and download a report of your security findings in the Veracode Platform.
  • Optionally, fix a flaw with Veracode Fix in the Veracode CLI.
Scan your application
~25 min

Learn how to package your application code and run a Static Analysis.

  1. Manually package a Java application
    6.5 min
  2. Manually package a .NET application
    8.5 min
  3. Upload, prescan, and scan your packaged application
    8 min
Review and download findings
~15 min

Learn how to review findings and download reports.

  1. Review findings
    ~10 min
  2. Download reports
    ~4 min
Work with findings
~45 min
Next steps