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Security Labs

Audience: Security Labs administrator

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this module, you'll be able to:

  • Configure your Security Labs account.
  • Add users and assign them roles.
  • Create campaigns.
  • View user progress.
Configure your account
5 min

After you receive an email inviting you to set up your administrator account, create your Security Labs password and log in.

  1. Access Security Labs with the Veracode Platform, a standalone account, or a free trial
    ~3 min
  2. If relevant to your organization, configure a SAML gateway
    ~2 min
Add users and assign roles
10 min

Learn how to add users, including at least one administrator, to Veracode Security Labs, create roles, and assign roles to users.

  1. Create users in the Veracode Platform or through a standalone account
    ~3 min
  2. Learn about the user roles
    ~4 min
  3. Create and assign user roles
    ~2 min
Create campaigns and monitor progress
10 min

Learn to control access to and visibility of lessons for learners through assignments and campaigns.

  1. Create a campaign and assign content to roles
    ~5 min
  2. Configure automated notifications about user and team progress
    ~2 min
  3. View user progress and create reports
    ~3 min
Next steps