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Scanning the Dependency Tree for Maven

The Veracode SCA agent can scan the output of the Maven dependency:tree command. For dependency tree scanning, the agent requires you to specify the --stdin=maven input option.

You must compile the project before scanning to enable vulnerable method analysis.


Dependency tree scanning disables scanning for all other package managers.

You can scan the dependency tree for Maven using either of these methods:

  • Redirect the output of the Maven dependency:tree command directly to the Veracode SCA agent. For example:

    mvn dependency:tree | srcclr scan --stdin=maven
  • Redirect the output of the dependency:tree command into a file and point the Veracode SCA agent to the file using the dependency_tree_file scan directive. For example, in Linux bash:

    mvn dependency:tree > tree.txt
    SRCCLR_DEPENDENCY_TREE_FILE=tree.txt srcclr scan --stdin=maven

If you want to specify the scope of dependencies included in the scan, Veracode recommends you set the scope scan directive in the agent instead of setting the scope property of the mvn command. The scan directive allows more precise scope selection.