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This table lists the XML API calls for managing development sandboxes. For more detailed information, see the topic for a specific call.

Veracode strongly recommends that you use the REST APIs. For new integrations, always use the REST APIs.

XML API Call Description Required Parameters Optional Parameters Scan Type Equivalent REST API Call Creates a sandbox for the specified application. app_id, sandbox_name auto_recreate POST /appsec/v1/applications/{applicationGuid}/sandboxes Returns a list of all the sandboxes associated with the specified application. app_id   GET /appsec/v1/applications/{applicationGuid}/sandboxes Promotes the specified build ID to be the policy scan for the application, as long as that build has had a successful scan. build_id   POST /appsec/v1/applications/{applicationGuid}/sandboxes/{sandboxGuid}/promote Changes an existing sandbox in the application profile. sandbox_id, custom_field_name, custom_field_value auto_recreate PUT /appsec/v1/applications/{applicationGuid}/sandboxes/{sandboxGuid} Deletes a sandbox from the specified application. sandbox_id   DELETE /appsec/v1/applications/{applicationGuid}/sandboxes/{sandboxGuid}