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Sandbox XML APIs Quick Reference

This table lists the XML API calls for managing development sandboxes. For more detailed information, see the topic for a specific call.

Veracode strongly recommends that you use the REST APIs. For new integrations, always use the REST APIs.

XML API CallDescriptionRequired ParametersOptional ParametersScan TypeEquivalent REST API Call
createsandbox.doCreates a sandbox for the specified application.app_id, sandbox_nameauto_recreatePOST /appsec/v1/applications/{applicationGuid}/sandboxes
getsandboxlist.doReturns a list of all the sandboxes associated with the specified application.app_id GET /appsec/v1/applications/{applicationGuid}/sandboxes
promotesandbox.doPromotes the specified build ID to be the policy scan for the application, as long as that build has had a successful scan.build_id POST /appsec/v1/applications/{applicationGuid}/sandboxes/{sandboxGuid}/promote
updatesandbox.doChanges an existing sandbox in the application profile.sandbox_id, custom_field_name, custom_field_valueauto_recreatePUT /appsec/v1/applications/{applicationGuid}/sandboxes/{sandboxGuid}
deletesandbox.doDeletes a sandbox from the specified application.sandbox_id DELETE /appsec/v1/applications/{applicationGuid}/sandboxes/{sandboxGuid}