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Reviewing the static scan details

The static scan overview page provides at-a-glance information for the latest static scan. To view this page, from the Veracode Platform, go to Scans & Analysis > Static Analysis, then select an application from the All Applications page. The static scan overview page contains this information and functionality:

Scan name

Click Edit at any time to change the name of the scan.

Scan status and progress

These fields provide you with all the status information you need from submission to completion:

  • Scan Status
  • Progress Meter
  • Submitted Date
  • Current Status

The Scan Status field identifies which stage the scan is in or if the scan request is incomplete. The Current Status field provides the estimated date of completion.

Common actions

Action buttons appear on this page if it is possible for you to perform actions on this scan, such as edit or delete the scan request, depending on the user roles you have. In addition, you can edit the lifecycle stage of the application by clicking the pencil icon if this metadata for this software has changed since you configured the scan.

Activity log

This log shows all actions performed in the request and submission process for this current static scan. It also shows when an application passes or fails policy.