Reporting Page Administrator and Manager Permissions

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Veracode Security Labs
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On, these are the permissions:

Permission Standalone Admin Veracode Platform Integrated Administrator Manager
Enable or disable leaderboards. Y Y
Set leaderboard lookback time. This permission allows administrators to set whether the leaderboard shows scores based on activity from the last 30 days, by default, or a different period. Y Y
Change a team name. Y
Add or remove team domains. Y
Change a team logo. Y
Protect or un-protect a team. Y Y
Enable or disable Contact A Teammate through Slack, Teams, and email. Y Y only for email and Teams
Integrate with Slack. Y Y
Enable or disable certificates. Y Y
Enable or disable ratings. Y Y
Toggle enforce SAML. Y
Add, edit, or remove SAML gateway. Y
View, rotate, or disable API credentials. Y Y