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Remove an API specification from an analysis

You can remove an API specification from a Dynamic Analysis. Removing the specification only removes its association to the analysis, but does not remove it from Veracode. After removing a specification, you can associate it to the same or a different analysis.

If you want to delete an API specification from Veracode, use the API Specification Management tab.

Before you begin:

  • You have a Veracode account with the Creator, Submitter, or Security Lead role. Any member of the team associated with the Dynamic Analysis is able to view the analysis and its results.
  • You have created an API specification scan.

To complete this task:

  1. Sign in to the Veracode Platform.
  2. Select Scans and Analysis > Dynamic Analysis.
  3. In the All Dynamic Analyses table, locate the row for the analysis from which to remove the API specification.
  4. Select the analysis name or select Configure Analysis from the Actions column.
  5. In the Actions column, select Configure Analysis.
  6. In the API Specifications to Scan table, locate the row for the specification you want to remove.
  7. In the Actions column, select Remove Specification from Analysis (trash can icon).
  8. Select OK to confirm.