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Properties of controls in agent-based scanning rules

The properties of a control are basic fields that identify a control and its severity.

  • Control Name: a string that helps you quickly identify the control
  • Severity: a number from 0.1 (lowest) to 10.0 (highest) that lets you determine how serious a control violation is considered in this rule. If you choose to create an issue when a control is violated, the severity of the failed control defines the severity of the issue. Severities appear on lists of issues to make them easier to rank.
    • Severity is different from a vulnerability risk (CVSS) score. However, if you wish to use the CVSS score as the severity for vulnerability issues, you can set that option. See Descriptor.
  • Level: there are two levels
    • Error: A level of error means that a non-zero will be returned, which can be used (for example, by CI build scripts) to break a build. The exact value of the exit code depends on the severity of all controls which were violated. See note below for more details.
    • Warning: A level of warning will return an exit code of 0 which can be used to allow the build to continue.
    • To determine the exit code for a scan, enter echo $? in the CLI after the scan concludes. If 0 is returned, that means no controls of level error were violated. If a number greater than 0 is returned, that means a control of level error was violated, and the number reflects the highest-severity control that was violated, rounded to the nearest integer.