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Prerequisites for Veracode Static for Visual Studio (Legacy)

Before you can use Veracode Static for Visual Studio, you must have:

  • Installed a supported version of Visual Studio and ensured your code meets the packaging requirements.
  • Stored your API credentials in an API credentials file on Windows.
  • One of these account types:
    • A user account with these roles:

      • Creator or Security Lead role to create builds of your applications with the necessary Veracode settings
      • Submitter role to upload scans to Veracode
      • Sandbox User role to create sandboxes to use with the extension
      • Reviewer role to check scan completion, propose mitigations, and import results to Visual Studio
      • Mitigation Approver role to approve mitigations
    • An API service account with these API roles:

      • Upload and Scan API to create application profiles, create sandboxes, and upload and scan applications
      • Upload API - Submit Only to submit scans
      • Mitigation API to mitigate flaws found in applications
      • Results API to download, import, and view Veracode results

      If you do not have an account with these roles, you receive access denial errors.

  • If you use a proxy to access Veracode, ensure you have configured a proxy in your IDE. You cannot configure a proxy in the Veracode extension. For more information, see the Microsoft documentation.
  • If you are using Visual Studio 2019 with .NET Framework version 4.8, you must disable an option in Visual Studio to ensure scan results display correctly in the IDE.