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Perform Multiple Changes from the Triage Flaws Page

You can change more than one flaw at once from the Triage Flaws page.

To complete this task:

  1. Search for the flaws you want to change.
  2. Check out the flaws, either one at a time or by using the checkout button in the header row to check them all out with one click.
  3. From Select Action dropdown menu at the top of the pane, select the action to perform on the selected flaws.
  4. Click Go. Veracode confirms the number of flaws you are changing and prompts you for a description of the change.
  5. Click Continue. The Veracode Platform applies the change to the checked-out flaws.
  6. Clear the flaws one-by-one to check in all files, or use the check-in button in the header row to check in all files with one click.
  7. To perform a multiple change, select the flaws to change and select an action from the Select Action dropdown menu. You must provide a comment to explain the multiple change.