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Perform multiple changes from the Mitigated Flaws page

You can accept, reject, or comment on several flaws from the Mitigated Flaws Page.

To complete this task:

  1. In the Mitigated Flaws page of the application, filter the list of flaws to find the ones you want to change.
  2. Check out the flaws, either one at a time using the checkbox next to the Id column, or by using the checkout button in the header row to check them all out with one click.
  3. Select Accept, Reject, or Comment.
  4. Enter your comments on the action in the Change Multiple Flaws window, then select Continue. The screen refreshes, updates the number of accepted and rejected flaws at the top of the page, and the flaws are checked back in.

A user with the Mitigation Approver role who has access to your application can also check back in a flaw that you have checked out.

You can accept multiple flaws by checking them out and selecting Accept.