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Monitor and troubleshoot imports for Jira Cloud

You can review information about the last four imports to Jira Cloud. This information is useful when you want to monitor imports and troubleshoot errors.

To complete this task:

  1. In Jira Cloud, select Administration > Manage apps > Troubleshooting.

  2. Ensure the Log diagnostics information on import checkbox is selected. If this option is cleared, the page only shows information for previous imports, but not the latest imports.

  3. Review the following information about the imports:

    • Import Type: One-Time Import, Selective Import, or Import Automation.
    • Started: date and time when the import started.
    • Status: current status of the import:
      • IN PROGRESS: the integration is importing findings.
      • PENDING: for Selective Import, the findings you can import are listed on the Selective Import page, but the integration has not yet imported them. When the import is complete, the status changes to COMPLETED.
      • CACHE CLEARED: indicates that you selected Clear Cache during a status of IN PROGRESS or PENDING. This button stops any running import process. To restart the import, you can start it manually or wait for the next automatic import.
      • COMPLETED: the import has completed. Check the Remarks column for any errors, which appear in red text.
      • FAILED: the import has failed due to one or more issues. See the Remarks column for errors, which appear in red text.
    • Completed: date and time when the import completed.
    • Remarks: results of the import, including the phases of the import process and any errors, which are highlighted red.
  4. Optionally, to update the page with the latest information about the imports, select Refresh.

  5. If you notice error messages in the Remarks column, you can select Clear Cache to attempt to troubleshoot the issue. If you continue to see errors, contact Veracode Technical Support.