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Migrating user accounts

You might need to migrate your Veracode data from one Veracode account to another. Reasons to migrate include a merger or acquisition, a divestiture, or restructuring your account to improve reporting.

If requested, Veracode can migrate data to a new or existing account, but with some limitations.

Account data that Veracode can migrate

Veracode can migrate the following information from one account to another:

  • Application profiles, which contain the following:
    • Sandboxes
    • Scan information for Static Analysis, Dynamic Analysis, Software Composition Analysis (SCA), and Manual Penetration Testing (MPT)
    • Flaws and mitigation history
  • Dynamic Analysis scan configurations, history, and findings
  • SCA scan history and findings
  • Users, including login history and API credentials
  • Teams
  • Business units

The migration can apply to a single application or a set of applications.


The data migration capability has the following limitations:

  • SAML: an account on the Veracode Platform can only have one single sign-on (SSO) identity provider. If the user authenticates with SSO, you may need to update the SAML settings for the user or, in the worst-case scenario, recreate the user in the new account.
  • eLearning: migrated users lose their eLearning history.
  • Security Labs: Security Labs data cannot be migrated.

Requesting an account migration

To request an account migration, provide the relevant details in a ticket to Veracode Technical Support. The ticket should contain the following information, as relevant:

  • Source account
  • Target account
  • List of applications
  • List of users
  • Any custom policies that should be migrated

The process may take several days. If a migration is urgent, indicate your desired target date in the ticket. Veracode cannot guarantee that a migration completes on the schedule you request, but can prioritize some requests if you need them.