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Install the Veracode CLI

You install the Veracode CLI prior to using Veracode Container Security. You can also use this procedure to upgrade the Veracode CLI.

Before you begin:

Meet the Veracode Container Security prerequisites.

To complete this task:

  1. Run this command to install the Veracode CLI in your current working directory:

     curl -fsS | sh

    When the installation completes, this message appears: The Veracode CLI is now installed!

  2. To set your credentials as environment variables, set the VERACODE_API_KEY_ID and VERACODE_API_KEY_SECRET variables to your Veracode API credentials. For example:

    export VERACODE_API_KEY_ID={apiId}
    export VERACODE_API_KEY_SECRET={apiSecretKey}
  3. Run the following command to configure your Veracode API credentials:

    ./veracode configure
  4. When prompted, enter the API ID and secret key you generated in the Veracode Platform.

    If you set your credentials as environment variables, the Veracode CLI pre-populates these fields.

  5. Run a test scan to confirm you have successfully configured Veracode Container Security. For example:

    ./veracode scan --source alpine:latest --type image