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Generate IR to Package iOS Apps

After you archive and export your debug build with Xcode, you must run gen-ir with your build log before you can upload your application to Veracode.

To complete this task:

  1. Open your terminal and change directory to the Veracode folder.

  2. Run gen-ir with your build log and the archive path in the following command:

    gen-ir MyApp.log.txt MyApp.xcarchive/ --project-path /path/to/MyApp.xcodeproj

    Ensure MyApp.log.txt points to the exported build log, and that MyApp.xcarchive/ is the newly-created xcarchive.

  3. Create a new archive. For example, you can use the following zip command:

    zip -r MyApp.xcarchive
  4. Upload your iOS application to the Veracode Platform for analysis.

  5. Optionally, to upload your archives with Veracode Software Composition Analysis, add the Podfile.lock file to the root of another zipped archive. Keep this new zipped archive separate from the one that contains the .xcarchive folder, as shown in the following command:

    zip Podfile.lock

    Upload to the same scan as the that you previously uploaded.