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Edit custom rules for agent-based scanning

You can edit custom rules if you want to change the security requirements for your workspace.

Before you begin:

You must have the Security Lead, Workspace Administrator, or Workspace Editor role.

To complete this task:

  1. In the Veracode Platform, select Scans & Analysis > Software Composition Analysis.

  2. Click the Agent-Based Scan tab.

  3. Either select a workspace to view workspace rules or click Agent-Based Scan Settings to view organization rules.

  4. Click Rules.

    The currently applied custom rules appear.

  5. Click Edit.

    The controls change from view-only mode to edit mode. The details of each control are collapsed by default.

  6. Make your adjustments, then click Save.

    For instructions on how to define a control, see Structure of a rule and Adding, removing, and rearranging controls.

Once you save, the custom rules are active for any future scans in that workspace.