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Data Dictionary for Domains Needing Review Worksheet

This topic describes the data and graphs in the Domains Needing Review worksheet included in the Discovery scan extract. Veracode generates this extract after you run a Discovery scan.

The Domains Needing Review worksheet contains a summary of the registered domains that you might need to review, including domains that you might need to add to the next Discovery scan to maximize coverage.


The domain of the application. The domain may be an IP address.


The host of the domains under your application, usually an IP address.

IP Address

The IP address of the domain.

In Input Range

Determines whether the domain is in input range.

In Input Domain

Determines whether the hostname found by Veracode was in the input domains list provided by the user. The values are:

  • Exact Domain Match: the URL of the hostname found by Veracode matches one of the domains in the input domains list. In the example above, is an exact domain match.
  • Sub-domain Match: the URL of the hostname was found by Veracode and the domain in the URL matches one of the domains in the input domain list, even if the URL contains a subdomain that was not provided to Veracode. For example, could be found from an input of
  • No Domain Match: this site was found by Veracode, but was not part of the input domains list. For example, if was the only input domain provided by the user, the finding of and are classified as no domain match. View the Found by Display field to find the source of this finding.
  • Host is an IP: the hostname is an IP address. It is not an indication of whether this IP address was also in the input IP range provided by the user.

Open Ports

Open ports are ports that responded with a host. The most common values are 80, 8080, 443, and 8443.

Response Code

The response code for the site:

  • 1xx: informational
  • 2xx: success
  • 3xx: redirection
  • 4xx: client error
  • 5xx: server error

# of Web Apps

The number of web applications for the domain.