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Create a scheme for archiving debug builds

You must create a scheme in Xcode to archive your debug builds.

To complete this task:

  1. Open your project in Xcode, and make sure it is in a buildable state.

  2. From the top menu bar in MacOS, select Product > Scheme, and then choose your main scheme. For example, your scheme name can be MyApp.

  3. Select Product > Scheme > New Scheme.

  4. Choose the target build, and then append -Veracode to the name of your new scheme. For example, MyApp-Veracode.

    To avoid accidentally submitting this debug archive to AppStore Connect, Veracode recommends that you keep this scheme separate from your regular scheme.

  5. Select Product > Scheme > Edit Scheme… > Archive > Build Configuration > Debug.

  6. To avoid confusion, ensure the Archive Name field name is different than your regular archive names. The default name is MyApp-Veracode.

  7. Click Close.

  8. From the top-left of Xcode, click the Project navigator folder icon in the menu. The Project navigator menu loads on the left side of Xcode.

  9. Select the project, which is usually the top of the Project navigator. For example, MyApp.

  10. From the top-middle of Xcode, click Build Settings > All > Build Options > Debug Information Format, and then set the values to DWARF with dSYM.