Create a Plan in Bamboo for Java Applications

Build and Release Management

You can create a plan for Java applications using the Veracode Bamboo Integration.

Before You Begin

You meet the prerequisites.


  1. Start Bamboo.

  2. In Bamboo, create and configure a new plan.

  3. Click Configure tasks.

  4. Click Add task.

  5. From the Task types dropdown menu, select Maven 2.x.

  6. On the Maven 2.x Configuration page, enter values in these fields:

    • Task Description
    • Executable: you may have to create a new label for your Maven executable.
    • Goal: for example, Set up clean test package.
    • Build JDK
    • Click Save.
  7. Select Yes to enable the plan.

  8. Click Create.

  9. Ensure your plan is enabled and click Run plan to complete the configuration. You see an error until you have a Maven project to run.