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Create Security Labs Lessons

You can create Security Labs lessons using Security Labs as a sandbox. Veracode can provide you with a template to help you create a lesson, or you can create a lesson from scratch.

Before you begin:

Veracode must enable this feature, and you must be the Security Labs standalone administrator to customize labs.

To complete this task:

  1. Go to A list of your modules opens.
  2. Select Add new module to create a new module that holds one or many lessons, or scroll down to an existing module into which you want to add lessons and select Edit module lessons.
  3. From the top left select Add new lesson. The new lesson window opens.
  4. Add the title of your new lesson.
  5. Add the slug of your lesson. The slug is the last subdirectory of the URL for your lesson. For example, adding node-sqli means the URL of your lesson is
  6. Choose a stack, which is the language of your lesson.
  7. Choose a display type.
  8. Optionally, enter an integer in the New lesson order field to determine the order in which your users see your lesson relative to other lessons.
  9. Optionally, from the Focus dropdown menu, select a focus to categorize your lesson.
  10. Select Save new lesson. The Edit lesson window opens.