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Configure a user for SAML access (Legacy)


Veracode recommends the new Single Sign-on and Just-In-Time Provisioning feature for new accounts. If you are using the new feature, see Configure a user for SAML access.

Using SAML authentication requires that a user account has a user record in the Veracode Platform.


When you set the login type in the Veracode Platform to SAML, you cannot change it back to the password login type.

To complete this task:

  1. Create a new user or update an existing user using the Administration page in the Veracode Platform, or the Identity API.
  2. Select SAML in the Login Type field, or set the saml_user property to true for the Identity API.
  3. Set the SAML Subject field (saml_subject in the Identity API) to the value that the SAML assertion passed in to identify the user. This value is usually the user email address or corporate login ID.
  4. When creating a new user, you can also set the user roles and allowed scan types.

If you set a SAML assertion for a user who has the Team Admin role, you must also set the teamsmanaged attribute.