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Email Security Labs progress notifications

You can configure Security Labs to automatically send email notifications on a specified schedule within a campaign or assignment. Notifications inform team managers about team progress or notify users that they have one or more incomplete assignments in the campaign.

Before you begin:

You must be a Security Labs administrator or manager to configure email notifications.

To complete this task:

  1. Select your username in the top-right of the Security Labs page to open the menu.

  2. Select Assign Content.

  3. Scroll down to the assignment that you want to modify.

  4. Select Add a Notification.

  5. In the Add a Notification dialog, Email Type menu, select:

    a. Email update for managers, to inform managers of their teams progress.

    b. Email reminder for users with incomplete required labs, to remind users that they have one or more incomplete assignments.

  6. If you want to define a schedule for sending these notifications, select a date and time in the fields provided.

  7. If you want to add an optional message to the email, enter up to 800 characters in the text field.

  8. Select Save.